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International English and Communication Skills



Goals: achieving competences and fluency in the use of International English and developing communication skills
The course is for professionals who are willing to acquire better communication skills and fluency when using the English language in their job and in an international setting.The course will be hold completely in videoconference. In this way you could follow the course at home with a PC and an internet connection.

During the course, both teachers and participants will be using English when speaking, listening and writing, aiming to achieve competencies in a language that has become the international vehicular language.

The course is implementing an innovative teaching method, based on the “Teaching for Learning” approach, through “Learning by doing” activities and “Cooperative Learning”. This learning method push the participants to become active learners as they are placed at the centre of the learning process, becoming the protagonists of their learning.

This learning pedagogical method requires a cyclical process based on the results of learning outcomes, from tasks and activities the participant has to accomplish, followed by relevant feedbacks from teachers. The cyclical nature of this process allows the participant to acquire a higher level of communication and to increase its English skills.
To achieve this target, the participants will be preparing assignments at home. We strongly recommend participants to do all the assignments and to respect their deadlines. We also suggest attending all the Didactic Units. To be able to participate actively during the lessons, we recommend a B1 level of English, at least.

The course foresees eight meeting of two hours:

Course-enrolment: before the end of October 2020
1st MEETING: the participants will present themselves in class and then participate in a debate on a specific topic using a ‘role-playing’ strategy
2nd MEETING: this meeting is dedicated to specific conversations in English using the didactic method of “World Cafè”
3rd and 4th MEETING: the participants will prepare a presentation of a topic of their interest and discuss it in class. Other didactic activities are carried on
5th and 6th MEETING: the participants will read a novel and are asked to prepare a review of their chosen book.
7th MEETING practising story-telling
8th MEETING: participants have to cope with an unexpected assignment.
In each stage, teachers have scheduled short lectures about Internationalization and English as a medium of communication.

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